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Fall Colors: Get Your Lips Ready For Autumn!

Posted by Aurora S. on

The end of summer is nigh, before you know it we'll be dusting off our boots and crunching along sidewalks covered in a myriad of red and yellow leaves. It's a season full of fun holidays, frosty mornings, and high fashion. That means there's no better time to start stuffing your purse with autumn colors from every end of the spectrum than right now! But with over 60 colors to choose from, how could you ever pick what goes best with the fall season? As much as we'd love for you to just buy one of each color (and you certainly still can), we understand that might not be entirely possible. So we took it upon ourselves to pick our favorite representations of fall from each category. Enjoy!

1.  Arabian Silk

Deep, rich crimson hues add a flush of red to your lips for a maroon shine that will top off just about every fall outfit in your wardrobe!

2.  Chilly Pepper 

Don't let the upcoming brisk autumn breeze blow away the color in your lips! Long-lasting, no-smear Chilly Pepper is a deep red that will keep you looking as cool as you feel this fall. 

3.  Dark Roast

Just because the days are starting to get shorter and colder, doesn't mean you have to give up on warmth and comfort. In fact, the rich brown Dark Roast gloss may be just what you need!

4.  Ivory Lace

Muted peach tones to give you a calmly accented nude that makes for a perfect transition out of the light and bright summer clothes, and into the rich full hues of autumn.

5.  Peach Cobbler

This gloss works well with natural lip color to add a reddish-orange tint so that you may become one with the changing leaves.

6.  Mulberry

A sensual combination of violet mauve and shaded crimson, this gloss is as much a part of fall fashion as your favorite leggings and cutest beanie!

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